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Gorleston Exhaust and Tyre Centre take our customer’s safety very seriously which is why when you come to us for either advice on your vehicle’s brakes or to have brake parts installed you will receive the best possible advice and service we can give you.

Brake parts and systems can be sourced for most car and vehicle models in 10 minutes or by the next day at the latest. What’s more with a team of expert fitters at hand you can be sure you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Having your vehicles brakes regularly checked and replaced where necessary is critical to for both your and your vehicles safety.

5 Common signs that your vehicles brakes need replacing are:

  • Your vehicle is making unusual sounds when braking
  • The brake pads on your vehicle appear thinner than perhaps they should be
  • If the steering wheel vibrates when the brakes are applied on your vehicle
  • Your brake pedal appears spongy when pressed
  • Handbrake efficiency poor –  not holding your car when parked

If you have noticed your vehicle has any of the above symptoms then it is probable your brakes do need replacing.

Gorleston Exhaust and Tyre Centre use Apec Brakes as our preferred supplier of brake systems for all makes and models. Other systems are available on request.

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