shockspicGorleston’s Shock Absorber Specialists including Coil Springs

Gorleston Exhaust and Tyre Centre, the Norfolk and Great Yarmouth car and vehicle specialists, team of expert fitters offer a world of experience in shock absorber systems and fitting techniques.

We can source parts for most vehicles so with that in mind you can be sure the systems we install for you will be the best suited for the job.

6 Common signs that your vehicles shocks need replacing are:

  • Your vehicle appears to be taking longer to stop. Having worn shock absorbers can increase your vehicles stopping distance by a massive 20%. This additional 20% stopping distance is obviously a hazard for you, your vehicle, other motorists and pedestrians.
  • Your vehicle appears to dip or swerve when the brake is applied.
  • You notice vibrations in the steering wheel whilst driving under normal conditions.
  • Your vehicle appears to slide or veer in the road during mild wind conditions.
  • Your vehicle appears to rattle and rock about when driving on uneven surfaces.
  • You notice uneven wear and tear on your vehicles tyres.

Gorleston Exhaust and Tyre Centre use KYB as our preferred supplier of shock absorbers for all makes and models. We can also supply a range of other brand name shocks which are available on request.

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