tyreworkTPMS sensor valve service & replacement

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) continuously monitor vehicle tyre pressure using special sensors in all four tyres. These sensors alert you with a visual and/or audio warning if there is a change in your vehicles tyre pressure.

Gorleston Exhaust & Tyre Centre recommend having a TPMS system fitted to your car or vehicle as it will improve your vehicles safety and your own. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems check your tyre pressure every few seconds, this reduces the chance of a blow out or an accident related to incorrect tyre pressures. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems can also save you money as having the correct tyre pressure improves the life of tyres and also helps increases fuel efficiency.

Vehicles fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that were registered from 1st January 2013 also have their TPMS tested as part of the first MOT test carried out on the vehicle. If your vehicles TPMS is not functioning correctly it could mean failing an MOT test so it is advisable to get them checked regularly.

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