wheelalignmentsmallWheel alignment (tracking)

Poor wheel alignment is possibly the core reason for premature tyre wear in any type of vehicle. Wheel alignment issues not only effect front wheels but rear wheels can come out of alignment too but don’t worry Gorleston Exhaust & Tyre Centre can help!

The correct wheel alignment can increase fuel economy, enable smoother road handling and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicles tyres. Using Gorleston Exhaust & Tyre Centre to correctly aligned your vehicles wheels will make your car safer on the road and in the long term increase the overall lifetime of your tyres.

What causes incorrect wheel alignment on your vehicle?
Wheel alignment can be affected by things like hitting the curb or large pothole on the road and driving on roads with an uneven or unstable surface. If your vehicle’s wheels come out of alignment it can cause excessive wear to tyres and problems with steering and/or suspension.

How to I know if my vehicles tyres are incorrectly aligned?
Signs of incorrect wheel alignment include your car pulling to one side whilst you drive and irregular wear across the width of your tyres. Irregular wear is caused by your vehicles tyres not running correctly against the surface of the road as you drive.

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